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Ford IDS Original License
  • Ford IDS Original License

Ford IDS Original License
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An IDS software license is required to use IDS software with a VCM or VCM II.

Purchase: Upon purchase of an IDS Software License, you will receive a 20-digit licensing activation code (key). The user can activate the key in IDS using the “Activate a License” feature in IDS. Activating a key binds the key to the PC on which it is entered in IDS. IDS users can release this tie to the PC or transfer the licensing key to another PC using the “Return a License” feature in IDS. Since the IDS Software License binds to the PC and not the diagnostic hardware, a single IDS software license will work with both the VCM and VCM II on one PC at a time. Each PC running IDS software will require it’s own license or the transfer of a license, since each license binds to the PC.

Regular Validation: IDS must communicate with the License Server on a regular basis to validate the license. A validation automatically occurs at each start-up when IDS is connected to the internet. When IDS is not connected to the internet a validation cannot occur. Therefore, any PC with IDS needs to be connected to the internet at least every 29 days. Failure to validate every 30 days will cause the license to become invalid and disable functionality within IDS.

Annual Renewal: IDS Software licenses expire in 365 days. Users can renew licenses within 30 days of the expiration date by returning to their account and providing payment for the renewal. IDS Software license renewal terms are also 365 days.